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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
(I'm posting this a day early incase I don't get on tomorrow....)


Do/did you guys have odd dreams while breast feeding?  I did while pregnant, but now my dreams are more negative and very vivid. It's so odd!

Breast Feeding Support

For anyone interested, Marisa just started a new community:  http://community.livejournal.com/bfing_support/profile

Nursery Pics

Rob was so sweet.  Friday night he started putting the crib together and finished it Saturday morning.  When I got up, we put the bedding on and then a neighbor helped him bring up the dresser.  We have it mostly finished.  We have some things to hang on the wall and when we figure out a name, we'll also got a painted Horton Hears a Who? from sandradee.

The wall color I was not sold on at first, but now I think it's a nice, happy color.  I just can't make decisions like I once could!

I just love it!  We have a little work to do, but it is just so amazing to have it set up. I put all the clothes, blankets, and burp cloths away.  We're getting there!!!


Boy or Girl? Tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Any guesses?  People at work are betting, which is a lot of fun.  I'm so nervous, like I'm going to find out bad news....I can't wait to stop feeling that way.  I'm also totally excited to finally find out if my baby is a boy or girl, to be able to bond with my baby, to see it again, to plan, just to know what is inside of me.  I can't wait to see it again.  I can't believe this will be the last time until birth.

I can see why people say they miss being pregnant.  After the nausea is over  with, people are just so kind to you, it's an interesting time of change in your body, a wonderful bonding experience with my husband, and a time of dreaming and wonder with anticipation.

Part of me still can't believe I'm pregnant.  It's just amazing.

P.S.: Just a reminder...I do not have access during the day, so if you can't wait, email me at robandjennh@comcast.net. Otherwise, I will be happy to post as soon as I can when I get home. :)


Dancing with the Stars-The Tour

I just bought two tickets...one for me and one for my mom for 2/7/07. It will be a surprise for Christmas, I think. She loves dancing and I love this show!

Look at the line up so far:
Joey Lawrence - Season 3 Edyta Sliwinska - Season 3
Harry Hamlin - Season 3 Ashly DelGrosso - Season 3
Lisa Rinna - Season 2 Louis van Amstel - Season 2
Willa Ford - Season 3 Max Chmerkovskiy - Season 2
Drew Lachey - Season 2 Cheryl Burke - Season 2
Joey McIntyre - Season 1 Kym Johnson - Season 3

I'm hoping Emmitt and Mario join, but their partners are already assigned, so I doubt it. I'd rather them than Harry, but since his wife is on the tour, that was a given. I can't wait to see the cowboy dance live with Drew and Cheryl!!

It will be soooo much fun! :):)



When measuring myself, I do bust, waist/stomach, hips, thigh, calf and arm.  But, I have 2 thighs, 2 calves, and 2 arms. Do I could the loss for both of those or just the one?  I've been doing one, but not sure that's accurate.

Brothers and Sisters

Did anyone watch?  I really liked it! There are a lot of stars (Calista Flockhart, Sally Field, etc.), but regardless, I really liked it. I was sad to see Tom Skeritt go, he's great, but what a great season premiere!

Book Recommendation

I'm reading "Taming of the Chew, a Holistic Guide to Curbing Compulsive Eating" by a local therapist I know, should you want to look into it. It's only $10 on Amazon.  I'm trying to get her to my school to talk to the kids. I know there are several people on my FL struggling with weight issues right now, so I thought I would mention it.