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Would you be worried????

The base of my skull hurts like it's bruised. I can barely touch it. A co-worker thought it might be muscle strain.  It kind of freaks me out.


No one has posted in here in a while, so I hope you are still out there!!!

It was my birthday today and I had a nice day.  Rob and I went bedroom furniture shopping.  I have the same furniture since I was a kid!  So, that was very nice of him.  We didn't find the set, but have a few more stores to go to. I found one dreamy one, but it's cherry, and he is hoping for maple or oak.  We do like our room light and airy, but there is something to be said for a warm, rich colored bedroom.  It was also nice to be out, just he and I.  Tonight, my mom came over for dinner (they had burgers and salad, I had my shakes), to visit, and presents.

Rob got me the future furniture and the sweetest card about how great I've been doing, how impressed he is, and that this is the year we'll start our family.  Awww.:)  My younger brother called to say he was giving me credit where I get my hair done to get a massage, so that's nice!  I didn't hear from my older brother.  My mom gave me her traveling sewing machine that she only used once! I expressed interest recently, but goodness!  She also got me some Bare Minerals stuff.  My dad gave me money and night lights...so odd, I guess it's because I'm scared when I'm alone...but still.  Odd.

I wanted to to a whale watch today, but the water was too choppy. We might go next weekend.

On Friday, my co-workers sang me Happy Birthday and gave me this:

The vase in the middle and the roses are from them.  Isn't that nice?  The vase is not in my colors at all, but it was a very nice gesture and I appreciated it.  It looks nice here, though, so I might have to work with it.:)  The flower rings are dried from the bouquet Rob had sent to me the day of our wedding.  My wedding bouquet was dried the same way, but is now brown instead of pink. I thought of writing the woman.  Anyhow, off topic.  It was a nice day.:)


Bare Minerals Brush Question-Ordering Today

I'm getting the eyeliner. I noticed there is a thin eyeliner brush and a "push" brush or you can order them as double sided. What do you use??

Bar Harbor

We're leaving in the morning. I'm so excited!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
We had a blast on Saturday!!! We went to dinner first and then saw the show in Worcester, MA....such a sad and somewhat scary place if you don't stay on Main Street.  If you are a fan of the show (Opie and Anthony) and live near one of the shows they are doing, I would suggest getting tickets.  I'm a huge fan of the show, so seeing them live was amazing!

Before the show started, they had strippers on the stage. Only, they were in bikini's.  Not that I need to see a naked girl, but I just thought it was funny they couldn't strip...MA laws,  I guess.  Then, I heard a commotion.  It was the girl doing something, but I saw Greg "Opie" Hughes come out down on the floor and walk up the stairs next to my row. I got pictures! I was in awe!! :)

A funny stripper moment...she was trying to be all sexy climbing the pole, she was upside down....and fell on her head!!! And, the camera was on her, so it was on the large screens.  Opps.

The line up was awesome!
Rich Voss
came out first and walked down next to our row.  He MCed the 1st half of the show.
Patrice O'Neal came out.  He is so funny, I was crying!  If you didn't catch his HBO special, do the next time it comes out.  He's filthy, but makes me laugh so hard.  He is also on VH1's video show, but he is stiffled on it, it's not as funny.
Bill Burr, a funny guy, and from Boston, captured the essence of guys in Boston. Made me laugh. Phen-you'd appreciate his humor.  He's been on VH1's "80's."
Bob Kelly is currently on "Tourgasm," Dane Cook's HBO show "20 shows in 30 days."  It is so funny, but Bob has stole the spotlight from Dane, he is so good! He's a Boston boy, too. 
Bob Saget is not Danny Tanner from Full House.  If you go expected to see a clean cut guy, your jaw will be on the floor.  He made fun of himself and did these songs that were a play on say the Backstreet Boys, but changed the words.  He was hilarious!
Then, intermission.   You'd think that was enough.  Great comedy, it has been a few hours, but no, there was more!
Opie and Anthony came out to give thanks and have us vote for the best girl. Again, they couldn't get naked, so it was the one that put on the best show.  Kind of lame, but the guys liked it.;) It was surreal to see O&A, so I was just happy with that.
Ralphie May came on next.  He was on the 1st Last Comic Standing...I believe he won. He's a really big guy and funny.
Jim Norton...little Jimmy!  I was surprised he didn't end the show, but when they announced his name I was on my feet screaming!  If you listen to the show, you know he is just such a big part of it.  He's so funny and has no shame.  He is on Lucky Louie on HBO right now.  Love him!  He was soooooo funny!!  He even did "Frank the Frowner," one of his new bits on the show.
Tracy Morgan closed the show.  I'm sure you recognize his name from SNL or his own show.  He is really funny, but he was slightly cringe worthy.  Granted, I'm like a guy when it comes to humor and you can get really filthy or dirty and I will not be offended. (I have 2 brothers, what can I say?), but he had a joke that made you in shock, but you were laughing in spite of yourself.

They also had videos at the break showing their history (getting fired twice, Assault on the Media, eggnog drinking contest, and Jimmy's ass, etc.)

Anyone a fan of the show?  Even if you don't like or listen to O&A, it's an awesome comedy show jammed with many great comics! I can't wait to get the pictures from my neighbor.

Right as we were leaving, Rob and I decided to get T-shirts. He is an "Opie and Anthony, The Virus is Spreading" shirt, mine is "You stink and I don't like it" a quote by Jim Norton on the show.  Then, Jim Norton walks up to the booth I"m at, then Opie, then Anthony....I'm literally staring.  What is going on?  Why are the famous people right here?  Turns out that they are there to sign the stuff we buy.  I got black shirts, so I just stared for a bit while my friend/neighbor took more pics for me. It was so surreal.  I said to Rob on the way out, "You'd never see Howard doing that." 

I loved it! :)


My last meal-recipe help

My last "meal" will be next Sunday.  We will be coming home from Bar Harbor and I want to have bbq ribs.  The only way I have made them is in the crock pot.  I love this meal.  I'm more of a honey bbq girl.  But, can you share your tried and true recipes? I'm ok with boiling, then grilling, or baking, whatever works.




I gave out teh 2 invites I have.  This looks really use friendly, so it should be interesting to see what you guys do.  I'll be on the bandwagon.  I'm here because of you, my friends, so if everyone converts, I will probably, as well.  But, if we stay, I'll stay.  I added the few people I could tell who was who over there (all of 3, I think).  So, if you'd like to friend me, I have the same name.


Immersion blenders???

With the new diet, having a blender at work will make the shakes much better. They mentioned the Magic Bullet today. It's $99 on the site, but $45-50 on Amazon and Target.  I'm not looking to spend a lot, but I'd like it to work well.
This is what will help me:

1.  Do you have an immersion blender? If so, what kind?
2.  Does it come with the cup to make the drink in? (this is important to me)
3.  What do you like about it?
4.  Where did you get it?
5.  How much was it?

I'm on the hunt.  Thank you for your help!


Really nice neighbor

Last night as I was driving home from my co-worker's, I realized the garage lights were still out.  I was talking to my neighbor and thought she would sympathize, since her hubby is out of town, too. Instead she insisted in coming over. I told her that I didn't want her leaving her house to come to mine.  She insisted and brought the dog.;)  She met me, came inside, made sure it was safe.  How nice was that?  Nice to have someone close by like that.